Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1950 Flood from the Water Tower


Hi Trish: I found these photos a few weeks ago and have just scanned them into my computer. The first 5 photos of the 1950 flood was taken by my mother Audrey Joyner who was working as a secretary at the US Customs District Hdqrt's building in downtown Pembina, ND during the 1950 spring flood. She climbed the Pembina water tower to take the photos.

All the flood photos from 1950 that I sent you today were in a large brown envelope in my mother's former house on the farm in a dresser drawer in the attic. They belonged to my grandparents the Sheldon Joyner's which my mom collected after cleaning out her mother's house after her passing.

By the way, Clarence Bingham is my mom's first cousin.

William Ash