Friday, October 07, 2005

Man Freezes Feet

Last Wednesday morning, a young man apparently about twenty-five years of age walked into Short Bros.' drug store, seated himself by the stove, and asked for Dr. Harris. He commenced to unbuckle his shoes and pull off his stockings. Dr. Harris came in and at once saw what was the matter - the stranger had his feet badly frozen. He was at once conducted to the Pembina House where a room was engaged and the doctor began to examine his feet, both of which were found to be frozen from the toes to the instep, as solid as two chunks of ice water, until they were thoroughly thawed out. The young man gives his name as Emil Carlson, that he left Hallock Minn. the evening before for Emerson, Man., riding a part of the way. After dark he got lost and wandered on the prairie all night. His parents live in Brooklyn, N.Y., but has had lived in Hallock for some time. Dr. Harris thinks he can save his feet, except some of his toes which have to be amputated.
- From the March 7, 1890 edition of the St. Vincent New Era