Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red River Trails

This map shows the main trails for the fur trade era in our region. Collectively, they're commonly known as the Red River Trails.

From: The Red River Trails
by Grace Lee Nute
Minnesota History, Vol. 6, No. 3 (Sep., 1925), pp. 278-282

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ferry Command Revisited

I was contacted again by Ted Beaudoin about his latest book, EARTH ANGELS RISING, which will be the second book in his aviation trilogy, Walking on Air. If you remember, this subject was covered in previous posts including this one. Ted wrote to share the latest on his book because he's heading into the homestretch on completing the manuscript, and is about to write up some details on Pembina's part in the story...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Humboldt Methodist Church burned down last night.

First reactions by former and current residents of the area...
"This is difficult to believe but the video clearly shows Humboldt's Methodist Church in blazes from a fire last night. It's a sad day for us all and a catastrophic loss for the community and for those of us who love Lost Humboldt..." - Mike Rustad

"I was told the Humboldt Methodist Church burned to the ground last night. Going up to Humboldt shortly so might have some photos of what is left tomorrow...First they burned my school to the ground and now the Methodist Church. What will be left of my youth if Pearls Inn burns to the ground? Humboldt will be a ghost town..." - William Ash

Cindy (Twamley) Ritteman remembers - and asks if I do - "...when your youth group came over and we made candy and had a good time running around Humboldt?" I sure do, Cindy, I sure do!
Thanks to Mike Rustad for letting me know about this. Thanks also to Bob Bockwitz for sharing video of the very sad event...

Photo by Lynda Johnson CasselsHymnal in the ashes of Humboldt Methodist Church [Photos by Lynda Johnson Cassels]

Monday, January 11, 2010

Civilian Conservation Corps

My father, Gordon Short, was a member of the CCC’s, working in various locations in Minnesota. It wasn’t that many years later that he then spent over 3 1/2 years in the U.S. Army during WWII. Trust me, it was an amazing time for him, he told me all about it. It shaped him in important ways that followed him for the rest of his life…

I read a pretty cool post about the CCC's and what they meant to a generation...

Friday, January 08, 2010

Colloquium 2010

The Centre for Rupert’s Land1 Studies at The University of Winnipeg will be hosting its 2010 Colloquium from the 19th to the 22nd of May, 2010. The Colloquium will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

During the Colloquium, Aboriginal and fur trade researchers from many disciplines will meet in Winnipeg to share their research and interests, and take advantage of the rich history that is still being made at the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers.

1 - Pembina/St. Vincent was once part of Rupert's Land, part of a small portion of a territory that is now Canada...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another Contact

I received the photos and information below nearly a year ago. I didn't post it until now because I was going to try and research the names the reader provided. I still haven't had the time to do that, but I fully intend to. In the meantime, I figured why hide the information? Perhaps one of you reading this knows this family and can respond. Feel free to comment here or contact me directly...

Hi there,

I saw the St. Vincent memories site. That is pretty cool and interesting. I love that site. I like looking at old pictures and hearing about the stories. I was wondering since you know quite a bit about North Dakota and its history. I was wondering if you know much on families there. I am trying to do genealogy on my dad's side of the family. I keep coming up with road blocks. My dad was raised by his great aunt in Canada and his brothers were put in an orphanage after their mother passed away from childbirth. My grandfather decided not to raise them and probably never know why. My father died a few years ago and i am trying to find info out. He didn't know much information. I have some information. I found out my dad's mother's side were native American Indians. His father's side was french Canadian. My dad's mom side has been published in books by Gail Morin. My grandmother was Marie Blanche Campbell or 'Pearl'. She was born June 16, 1903 in Leroy, North Dakota. Her parents were Charles Campbell (he was born April 19, 1880 in Leroy, North Dakota baptized at St. Joseph - his parents were James Campbell (parents were William Campbell and Eliza Ross) and Isabelle Delorme (daughter of Joseph Delorme and Isabelle Gourneau) and Marie Veronique Ritchot (she was born March 16, 1877 in Leroy North Dakota - her parents were Raphael Ritchot and Isabelle Gladu). My grandmother was married August 25, 1922 in Walhalla North Dakota at St. Boniface Catholic church. She married Charles V. Dumas (born February 28, 1891 in St. Rock, Quebec, Canada - his parents were Charles Dumas and Rosalie Dumas (1st cousins) - I freaked out when I found out....Charles V. Dumas is the son of Joseph Dumas (son of Francois Dumas and Mary Marthe Cartier) and Esther Allaire (daughter of Olivier Allaire and Catherine Leduc). Rosalie Dumas is daughter of Treffle Dumas (same as Joseph's) and Rosalie Bresse (daughter of Charles Bresse and Mary Rocheleau).

My grandparents had several children - all boys - now all deceased. My cousin, me, and my brother are left from my grandparents. My parents had me later in life. My brother is old enough to be my dad. He is almost 20 years older than me. My parents didn't think they could have kids in their late 40's and I come along and surprised them. I was wondering if there are old newspapers articles from Walhalla area on any of these family members I am particularly looking for the Campbell side. The only thing that I do know is that my grandfather told my aunt that he descended from Scottish lines because they had accents. Genealogists that I have contacted can't seem to find out where the family comes from. the other family is documented. I find it strange that the Campbells can't be found. It seems like someone is really not wanting to me to find out and I don't know why. I was hoping maybe that you might know or maybe give a direction where i could look. I appreciate any advice. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day and weekend.

Thank you,
Trisha Dumas