Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sheriff Charley Brown Revisited

Sheriff Brown's obituary
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Source:  Grand Forks Herald Archives

It has been awhile since we talked about Sheriff Charley Brown.  The other day, my Bill was doing some research and came across two newspaper articles that mentioned him.

One of the articles was an obituary that appeared in the Grand Forks Herald.  As you can see, he led a very interesting life.  Sadly, he left this life far too soon.

The other article was about a county meeting wherein individuals were nominated for a ticket, for an upcoming election.

Source:  Grand Forks Herald (Oct 26, 1882)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

History for Sale

Starting in 1852, Pembina provided regular mail service to not
only Pembina residents, but also to the Red River Settlement

FOR SALE: Canada, 1859, Prince Albert, 10¢ red lilac (Unitrade 17), used with 5¢ vermilion (15), both tied by concentric-ring cancels on 1862 cover with "W. Couper, Naturalist" sender's label and addressed to "Mr. Mactavish Esq., F.B.S.C., Chief Factor, Governor of Assiniboia, Secretary of Institute of Rupert's Land, Red River Settlement, Northwest", light strike of "Quebec L.C., AP 11" origin c.d.s., reverse with Montreal (4.15) c.d.s.; the cover has a few tears at top around, but not affecting stamps, and at bottom, crossing through origin c.d.s, nevertheless Fine;. A Fine and rare use at the 10¢ rate to Red River Settlement overpaid by 5¢, with the 2½¢ service fee from Pembina to be paid on delivery. Scott 17. Estimate 3,000 - 4,000. Provenance: de Volpi, Robertson.

SOLD for $2,200.00

FOR SALE:  [Canada Beaver Stamps used from Red River Settlement via Pembina and the U.S. Mails] buff cover to Ottawa with two singles Canada 1852 3d Red (#4), both with large margins all around, tied by light strike of "Pembina, Min/Apr 27" (1862) datestamp, with bold strike of postmark repeated at right, blue arced "U. States/10" exchange office handstamp, Prescott transit and "City of Ottawa, U.C./My 19, 1862" arrival backstamps, then forwarded to Almonte with straightline "Forwarded" handstamp and Franktown and Almonte backstamps, extremely fine and handsome; one of only two recorded covers franked by the Canadian 3d "Beaver" stamp on mail originating from the Red River Settlement, a very evocative association cover with the beaver stamp being used from a beaver trapping center; ex-Jarrett, Dr. Chan, Nickle and K.L. Estimate $10,000-15,000.

SOLD for $20,000

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Condemned: Bedbugs!

"...don't let the bed bugs bite!"
The Old Kittson County jail was visited May 6, 1896. This jail was condemned by Judge Ives in June, 1895, and has since been disused. It is a wooden building, containing four cells, 8'x9'...and thousands of bedbugs, and is unfit for any use. A prisoner set fire to the building in October 1893, but became frightened and put out the fire. It has been proposed to convert this jail into a lockup for the village of Hallock, but it is entirely unfit for the purpose and should not be so utilized.

- Minnesota Bulletin of Charities & Corrections (1901)