Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gamble Letter #26

St Vincent
May 21, 1886

Dear William I write these fue lines to let you and Maggy know that Mary Ann was confined on the 12 of this month the baby was ded born as it was 2 years a go and ded one month before it was born she had a very hard time of it we never expected her to get better but this is the Ninth day and she is I think safe now it was a boy and the doctor said the largest baby he ever seen he sayd she is so fat is the cause of all the trouble and her being so old I was nearly having to get the second doctor lisaz and I attended her our [word illegible] since she got better night and day She got every thing she asked for that we dere give her The doctor that was with hir was a doctor haris from Pambina he is a very clever man in his line of business and expances will be very high but we dont mind that so long as she is spared to us the children all is so kind they are all willing to do every thing in there power to halp to get thare Mother better I could scarcely get them to bed at night for fear they might be wanted Alick was at the fort I sant him word the next morning he comes home every Sundy and takes eggs and butter with him as they dnt get butter or eggs at the baracks but he says the bard is very good dont be uneasy as she is quite well as I write she is making me write this we had a letter from sister ellin from pilladalphia they are all well ellin and janey and lisay are bot big girls yous would not know tham it is very dry time here a good shower would do good so good by for the prasant

Alec Gamble
St Vincent

PS Whan you write dont mantion any thing a bout the baby Alic and Samy dont now aney thing about it nor never seen it lisay and me was the onely ones seen it samy thinks his Mother was sick that is all he nows he was wanting his Mother out to day to show hir a brds nest good by