Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gamble Letter #31

The Gamble family has prospered much since they came to St. Vincent 25 years before. Children have grown up, and now they are having children of their own...

St. Vincent Minn
October 15, 1894

Dear Aunt Maggie,

I am going to now try and answer your last letter. The reason I did not answer sooner was because we have been so busy. The work has been very hard this last while we were preparing for the fall show, we took considerable prizes. I will send you the prize list next time I write. Jennie has a little girl, she is about three weeks old. I think, I forget the date, but will try to get the paper and send it to you, she is going to call her Mary Alice, Mary for short. She is as fair as she could possibly be. I think she will be very pretty. Lizzies baby is as pretty as a picture and so sweet, she has never been known to cry yet with bad temper. I think her father thinks the most of her, of any person I ever saw, neither babies will have red hair.

Ellen is still teaching school, Sammie has not started to school yet. I always forget to mention Willie when I write, he is much bigger and stronger than Aleck now, and if ever there was a good boy lived Willie, is one, but as "Comical". Sammie is a dear little boy too. I always miss they two more than any of the rest. I am about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall and still growng but the growth is all upwards for I am very thin. A person said Ellen and I were the two slimest girls they ever seen please excuse this terrible letter. I think I will stop now hoping this will find you and Grandpa well I remain your loving niece

Alice Gamble

It is 10 oclock and I am up all alone, and am gettng tired, write soon. Good by I am going to dress Lizzies old Doll for her little girl I suppose you remember it we have the same head but it has had different bodies. Good by