Friday, February 16, 2007

Gamble Letter #40

1896 Presidential Cartoon portraying the Gold Bugs

In this letter, we read the normal sharing of the 'news', but we read more than that - Alice lets down her guard for a moment and admits to the daily drudgery of life during Minnesota winters. In fact, her words could indicate a condition all too familiar to many of us, SAD...

St. Vincent, Minn.
October 22, 1896

Dear Maggie,

As I had a little spare time to night I thought I had better try and answer your letter about a week ago I commenced a letter, but I was so tired I had to give up. The hurry is pretty nearly all over now, although this week I have been busy from morning till night. Ellen and Willie have been away visiting this week, so I had to milk and do all the [word missing] before school. So you see I [word missing] to get up pretty early.

It has been very cold for Oct although clear and dry they say it has frozen up for good. Aleck has been somewhat better, I think he is going away soon, his wife will not go for a while. The babies are all getting along nicely, did I tell you about Jennies little boy she named William Austin. I am sending you the Prize list. The fair was quite a success this year, some of the exhibits were very good I counted forty one quilts. There is nothing going on except
presidential excitement. There are meetings every night Pa and Willie are gold bugs. I suppose you see all about the campaign. Every winter seems to get duller than the previous. I cannot see much use in living when every thing is so dull. It is just the same thing from one years end to the other. Sammie is growing very fast he is almost as tall as I, did I ever tell you that I am 5 ft. 8 inches I weight 138 lbs. I am getting quite fat Ellen is the smallest in the family. Aleck has been somewhat better lately he is going away pretty soon, his wife will not go for a while Jennie & Jack will soon move out on their farm it is just a short distance from ours. This is all the news this time, so I will finish as usual by asking you to excust the scribbling, but the pen is bad. Goodby for this time from your loving neice Alice Gamble

P.S. I always enjoying reading your letters you state them so well. Pa is always scolding us because we cannot state them like you but I cannot learn. Hoping this will find you well, I remain ...