Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gamble #45-47: The LAST Letters

We now come to end of the Gamble Letters. Below are the final three letters in the collection. No doubt there were more, but they are lost to history, at least for now.

In these last letters, we learn of the death of Maryann...
Boulder, Colo
May 2, 1900

Dear Aunt

I got your kind and good letter a few days ago and would have answered sooner but I did not kno what I am going to do nor do I know yet

But I think I will eather rent or Sell and go home for the Summer and if I find I can live there I will move my dear one back there I will wright more next time you can answer this I will not leve for a good while yet

Alec Gamble

Boulder Colo.
April 16, 1901

Dear Maggie

I suppose you will be Surprised to hear from me after Such a long Silence.

But times have changed and tonight I am a broken harted man I buryed my dear wife on Saturday the 13, and I am left to fight the Sawers [sorrows] of this life with 3 small children to look after But we have to Submit to Gods will he knows what is best for us and I am Sure she is better off tonight She was to good for this world She had finished her work hear and has gone to him who Says come unto me you that is weary and I will giver you rest. My Dear Maggie it nearly kills me to wright this but when I think of how she died a pure good woman there is Some comfort for when my time comes I can meet my wive in Heven where there will be no parting I had too good Doctors and a nurse from the Hospital but all we could do we could not Save our loved one She died of inflammation of the baulles1 my father and mother came but not in time to see her alive none of her people came Pa and Ma are going home in the morning my father and myself have been talking about what I should do I will have to Stay hear on account of my health...

St. Vincent
March 30, 1902

My dear Maggie

You will be surprised to hear from me now after never answering your kind letter and easter card nearly a year ago, but I was sick all summer and Fall and had another baby boy in December and have been kept so busy I could not find time to write to you, although I often thought of you and felt sorry for you.

It is now my sorrowful duty to tell you our beloved mother passed away at 12-15 mid night March 30 she had not been feeling well for some years now but was not quite a week in bed it was with diabetes she died she will be buried tomorrow Tuesday at 2 o'clock, she had every care possible we were all with her except Alec and had 2 doctors and 2 trained nurses she was sensible and called us all by name until a few hours before she died but she was to weak to talk much she just slept away. Alice takes it very hard, and my poor father my heart achs for him God alone knows what he suffers. I will send you more about it later, it is likely Pa will write and tell you too I can't write any more now with Love in the Lord to you I remain

Ever your friend
Jennie Griffith

[First two pages missing...]

I was sorry Jack could not have heard him too but he could not get away, His father was down to Ontario for 2 months this winter he has just got back and there was no one we could leave with the children and do the chores I suppose Alice told you about Ellen's boy it is nearly 4 months old, I do not know for sure what she will call him she keeps a hired girl, all the time We heard to-day that Hugh Griffiths father was dead in Toronto and that he (Hugh) left today to go to the funeral. We don't see them very often they live over three miles from us, but it was Pa was telling Jack I guess they must have seen them. Willie has built a lovely new house on his farm it is just a few steps (you might say) from our place he did not finish up stairs now I think he will leave it until summer there is four rooms down stairs a parlor and dining room and bed room and kitchen and a bay window in the parlor and one on the dining room and a veranda on the front, the windows and front door have colored glass in them it looks very nice. I dont know whether he is thinking about getting married or not he keeps every thing very quiet. He is still working in the elevator.

Thank you for the pieces of those girl's dresses they are very pretty I am sure the wedding dress must have been lovely. I have not got any new dresses this year. I am glad you liked the little boys photo I think we will have it enlarged. If we are spared until next fall and everything well I think we will take a trip to Old Ontario. If we go I intend to go to Toronto to see Hughies people, and go from there on to see you. There is a lot of sickness around here and quite a number of deaths. But we have escaped from sickness thus far. I often think that we are not half thankfull enough to God for all his kindness to us.
[Last pages missing...]

1 - "Redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, heat, and disturbed function of an area of the body, especially as a reaction of tissue to injurious agents. This mechanism serves as a localized and protective response to injury. The word ending -itis denotes inflammation on the part indicated by the word stem to which it is attached - that is, appendicitis, pleuritis, etc. Microscopically, it involves a complex series of events, including enlargement of the sizes of blood vessels; discharge of fluids, including plasma proteins; and migration of leukocytes (white blood cells) into the inflammatory focus. In the last century, cause of death often was listed as inflammation of a body organ - such as, brain or lung - but this was purely a descriptive term and is not helpful in identifying the actual underlying disease..." - From Antiquus Morbus, a collection of archaic medical terms and their old and modern definitions