Saturday, April 28, 2007

June Event Yields St. Vincent History

I just got home from a 3-day business trip to a phone call from Wayne Stewart. Wayne is one of the organizers of the Humboldt Centennial/All-School Reunion Committee. One of the things Wayne mentioned was that the DVD they will be selling at the event not only has tons of footage of Humboldt itself, but other events that happened in the area, including around St. Vincent. One of the events he specifically mentioned to me was a train wreck that happened on a bend in the line just outside of town at that time. I didn't get the year, but I assume it had to be quite a few years ago. I told Wayne I had just sent in my pre-registration, including my order for the DVD, so was thrilled to hear it had some St. Vincent footage on it. He also said that in the course of researching for the Humboldt history for the Centennial/Reunion, he came across many interesting historical tidbits from the then St. Vincent New Era that he plans on writing up this coming winter, and will be sharing with me. Dear Readers, I shall definitely pass on anything interesting in connection with St. Vincent, so...Stay Tuned!