Friday, April 11, 2008

Photo Portrait: Gust Sandberg

Gust Sandberg with artificial legs, 1908 – Hallock Township, Kittson County (Minnesota). What is Gust's story?

Well, I was able to find him on the 1930 census, where it said he was 61 (therefore born circa 1869), born in Sweden, and was a widower.

But then I found ANOTHER Gust Sandberg, aged 58, on the same 1930 census who had a wife and children and lived in Township 162 (Granville/Hampden) in Kittson County. Oh dear - too many Gust Sandbergs!

I found Gust on the 1910 census also, living with his brother Chas (Charles?) in "Red River, Kittson...", born 1869, but he was single at this time.

So, what waas Gust(av)'s story? Farming accident? War veteran?