Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MN @ 150: Pembina Trail - UPDATE

This year, events are taking place all over the state to celebrate Minnesota's 150 years of statehood. Few, if any, sesquicentennial events span the state north to south like the Sesquicentennial Stroll-planned for this summer-will.

Orlin Ostby of Gatzke has actually been planning the stroll along the Pembina Trail - one of the main historic oxcart trail routes from St. Paul to Winnipeg, Manitoba - for 50 years. With his wife, Mandy, some of his children, a cousin from Norway and a few others in tow, Ostby will set out by foot July 1 from St. Vincent, near the Canadian border, and trek down to St. Paul. A sturdy pair of oxen from New Hampshire, pulling an ox cart, will tag along as well.