Sunday, June 01, 2008


The jailhouse in St. Vincent still exists. I'd hate to have been a prisoner in it - it seems to be impervious to the test of time, at least so far!

I was just up to St. Vincent with my sisters over Memorial Day to see our parents' graves and visit all the local sites. As we drove around St. Vincent, we went past the jail, and sure enough, it was still standing, flat iron bars and all. I always wanted to see inside it, and kick myself that I didn't get out to take a closer photo and try and sneak in.

Then again, maybe it was good I didn't. According to Bob Cameron, who recently told me his ancestor Edwin Cameron built it, there was a cistern underneath it. It was common for most residences to have cisterns in the old days. But despite the cistern and walls being built to last, alas the floors were wood; knowing my luck, I'd have fallen through the floor and killed myself in the cistern below...!

My grandfather, Al Fitzpatrick, was the town constable at one time. I never had the opportunity to ask him, but I suspect he probably knew the inside of the jail.