Monday, March 02, 2009


I was given a Kreativ Blogger Award by Moultrie Creek today, in recognition of writing "...the most fascinating stories about her home..." From what I gather, it is the tradition of each recipient to then in turn pass on the award to other worthy blogs. Here goes my list of nominees...

- I adore Confessions of a Pioneer Woman; Bree is one busy woman raising a family and taking care of her handsome Marlboro Man, and somehow still having a great sense of humor - how does that woman do it?!

- Lee Jackson is a man on a mission. His blog, The Cat's Meat Shop, is an appendix to his Dictionary of Victorian London, a work-in-progress masterpiece...

- I grew up being taught by a mother of the Great Depression, to reuse, repurpose, and make-do. Thus, Glad Rags blog is a delight, reading about how women (including myself) are taking charge of their bodies in more natural and healthy ways!

- Take a glimpse into Victorian times via the Victorian Peeper...

- The Rat's Inn is written in Dutch, but it's about something (in this case between human and ratties, but so what?!)

- I get my country fix (since I don't live in the country anymore ... sigh) from visiting Farm Girl Fare. I can't get enough cute photos of donkeys, cats, dogs, and sheep. It makes me happy to know such life is lived by someone, somewhere, even if I can't at the moment.

I was also featured on Geneabloggers' New Geneablogs this week (thanks to Mike Rustad for spotting that!)