Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fan Mail II: "...that little town"

This blog generates its fair bit of fan mail, which is very gratifying. I love knowing that people read, enjoy, even learn from it - that's the whole reason I do this.

Today I received a note from someone who came into our area from the outside. She wasn't born there, and she didn't stay there, but while she was there, our communities made her feel very welcome. Anyone reading this from up home, I am SO proud of you guys! That so sounds like our people...
I just wanted to thank you for posting Dick Cleem pic and some history...I was married to his son John Cleem and we have a son Johnny Cleem...It was nice for him to find this bit of info.

I was good friends with Esther Cleem (Dick's wife)...As you know there was a lot of trouble in the Cleems and with the murder of Dick it all made life hard for the family. So it was really nice to see his pic with some history - wow.

I later married Gary Karol (St Vincent) and we live in Stephen Mn but I often think about St Vincent I did love that little town.

Thank you
Cindy Karol
I wrote her back to ask permission to publish her comments...
Thanks for the email..it was so neat to hear from you!

I grew up with the Karols in school, knew the whole family. At one point they lived in a house on main street by my Grandma's house, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, the old Hughes' home.

Anyways, glad you enjoy the blog. I try to accomplish two things with it - first, to provide lots of real, factual history of our area, and second, to provide information, old or new, that current residents, or expatriates who like to keep in touch, will find fun and/or useful.

Would it be OK to post a quote of your comments?

(I am curious - did you grow up in the area also? what was your maiden name - should I know you?)
Her response:
I am [originally] from Winnipeg, my maiden name was Poulton . I was working in Emerson when I met John Cleem about 25 years ago back in the day people went over the border to buy milk or bread because nothing was open in Emerson. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the town of St Vincent and the people. I was married to John Cleem maybe 5 years and been married to Gary Karol for 12 yrs...There were a few years that I was a single Mom in St Vincent and a lot of people helped me from town like babysitting evenings because that was the only time I could get work (Harry Harry Duty Free) and then the Depot Restaurant both in Pembina. There was always help around the corner from rides to work to helping out at Christmas. Even at the hardware store back in the 80s this fellow taught me how replace the caulking around my windows and how install a new sink. I just thought that's how people were -boy, was I wrong LOL. I learned so much from the special breed of people that were there and still are...There was always droplets of love all over and home made soup, church goings-on , phone ringing up half the evening because it was storming out and they were worried about us (me and Johnny) to see if we made it home. Just so many things and caring and even to this day. Gary's Mom did died in that house on Main Street many years ago I think 14 yrs. When Gary and I got engaged Gary wanted me to move to Stephen so I did and I must say I will always miss the little town called St Vincent
You're not the only one, Cindy, you're not the only one...