Friday, October 29, 2010

KCND's Legacy

Although this happened last year, I only recently came across this on an online forum about KCND/CKND/KNRR's ultimate demise...To provide a complete picture of the once-local station's 'life', I include it here...

KNRR Pembina, ND goes silent due to no money for a digital upgrade.

KNRR/12 (Pembina) has gone silent after the digital transition. The station, a satellite of FOX affiliate KVRR/15 (Fargo), had been operating a low-power digital signal on channel 15 and elected to move digital broadcasts to channel 12 after the transition. However, owner Red River Broadcast Co. says in a filing with the FCC that KNRR has never been profitable, and that fact combined with the recession and the high cost of digital TV facilities means they cannot afford to construct the channel 12 digital facility. Meanwhile, KNRR had to leave channel 15 because that channel is now being used by KGFE (Grand Forks). KNRR has until October 18 to construct the digital channel 12 facility. Channel 12 has a long history: it was originally used by NBC/ABC affiliate KCND [Pembina], which targeted Winnipeg audiences with a fringe signal. KCND was ultimately discontinued when owner Izzy Asper signed on CKND/9 (Winnipeg) in 1975 to replace KCND. KNRR came on the air a decade later, but strict regulations have prevented KNRR from being carried on Canadian cable systems.

From:' Digital Over-the-Air (OTA) forum, dated 6/24/2009
I'm not sure what the fate of the infrastructure has been or will be (the old studio building in Pembina, the towers, etc.) - perhaps they are being repurposed and will arise like a phoenix anew. It would be nice to think so...