Thursday, November 04, 2010

Recovered Grave

Gravestone for John Bruce, St. Vincent resident - buried
in old Emerson, Manitoba cemetery (reason unknown)
[Photo Courtesy:  Wayne Arseny]

I recently contacted the mayor of Emerson, Manitoba concerning the upcoming St. Vincent 155th Celebration in 2012.  We got to discussing local history.  He shared this... 
...I was clearing some graves in our abandoned old Emerson cemetery.   It's situated directly east of our current one; abandoned in 1900 because the Bradley Creek made it too difficult to cross due to flooding.. a higher/closer spot was chosen.  The old cemetery was simply forgotten and lays tucked away in heavy bush cover.  The grave I was clearing was from someone who died in 1895… which stated he came from St. Vincent.  My thoughts then were how interesting that someone from there would be buried here...
The mayor speculated he may have had family in Emerson.  Another possibility I thought of, is that he may have been a member of a church there.  So far no conclusive evidence is known...

John Bruce, listed in 1885 Minnesota Territorial Census
[Bruce is listed on last line on left-hand page - click to enlarge]
Census record located by Bill Reynolds