Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old St. Vincent in Photos: 1948 Flood

The pictures below were recently shared by a reader of this blog, a descendent of an early settler of the St.Vincent/Pembina area. Most of them were taken during the 1948 flood, with a few taken in other (mostly) unspecified but close years to 1948, including one of the then-new St. Vincent elevator, identified by handwriting on the back as being erected in 1950...

From far right front backwards:  Mont(gomery) Clinton's Minneapolis-Moline
dealership, Art Clinton's home (Baker's Pool Hall), Post Office (Bill Ahles'
grainery), (George) Sylvester's Store (Old Dick Lapp Store/Ahles Store), old
City Hall, and finally, Short's Cafe (old First & Last Chance Saloon...)
Second St. Vincent Depot, later moved to Junction; notice the platform,
displaced due to the (1948) flood waters; in background right is fuel
storage tanks (a block west and slightly south of fire hall...)
From left:  Gooselaw home, Buck Cameron bar, St. Vincent Bank,
and Valley Community Church (formerly the Green Store...)
Center:  Buck Cameron's bar; Gooselaw home to left, St. Vincent Bank on right

Newly-built St. Vincent Elevator with Junction Service
filling station and garage in foreground (1950)
Albert Fitzpatrick (left), Richard Fitzpatrick (right), sitting on
the loading dock of the first St. Vincent depot in early 1900's
[Source:  Trish Short Lewis family collection]