Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spotlight: KCHS

Readers of this blog may have noticed several sections on the right-hand sidebar.  One of those sections contains links to various local and regional history sites.  And one of those sites is for the Kittson County Historical Society.

KCHS consists of a board and large membership, individuals who care deeply about our county's rich history.  Its public face is manifested in the Kittson County History Center & Museum in Lake Bronson, administered by Director Cindy Adams.

The Museum has an impressive collection of artifacts, many of which were donated by area families.  But equally impressive - and an invaluable resource for locals and outsiders alike - are the records available for genealogical and local history research.  While some of the museum's records may be available in other collections, much of the information is unique.  For example, while you can obtain a transcribed copy of the Gamble letters from the State Historical Society of North Dakota's archives, you won't find the originals anywhere else except at KCHS.

Recently, the Society received a much deserved grant from the Minnesota Art & Cultural Fund1 for conservation materials and training, vital in preserving many delicate paper items such as documents, newspapers, photographs, and other ephemera. 

1 - The Legacy Fund, as it's more commonly known, has been an amazing blessing to so many organizations in Minnesota for preserving our land, our culture, our arts, and our history.