Saturday, June 18, 2011

Analysis of 6th & Atlantic

Downtown Hallock nearly a century ago...
[Click to see large version and see details]

Right/South side of street: Taft's Cafe, Bank, Dentist, The Womans Shop

Ad in back of 1943 Uof M
Crookston 'Aggie' yearbook
Left/North side of street: Billiard Parlor, Harness/Auto Dealer, Hallock Land Co. (land office turned real estate office?), Hotel Hallock, garage, church

At crossing, mid-street: "Keep to the Right" sign

On left, a men climbs a ladder to do some work, perhaps remove a window

Below him a pedestrian is about to step up onto the modern sidewalks (although streets still appear to be dirt, no gravel or paving)

Further back, another pedestrian hurries across to avoid the approaching automobile, caught in a blur by the photographer.

Electrical cables overhead, and street lights.  Haphazard parking indicates early automobile age was somewhat casual on the rules - looks like somewhere between parallel and diagonal!