Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jefferson Highway Revisited

JH71North America's First Transcontinental International Highway
I came across an article about the Jefferson Highway which came to be 95 years ago! 
Of the 1,800 miles [of the Jefferson Highway] between New Orleans and the Canadian city Winnipeg, 500 miles of the highway would be in Minnesota. The original idea was for one continuous highway. However, plans changed shape as work progressed. Much controversy surrounded the issue of what towns would be included in the route...The route was proposed to enter the state at Albert Lea then proceed to the Twin Cities. However, the path from the cities to St. Vincent, Canada was much debated.
Interesting that St. Vincent is 'in' Canada in this article.  Not that I mind much.  A lot of us have always felt as much Canadian as American.  But the mistake amused me!

A great article that emphasizes the northern end of the highway can be read here...