Saturday, April 28, 2012

St. Ann's Memories

First communion at St. Ann's Catholic Church June 14, 1959
[Courtesy Rustad Family Photo Collection]
Finally, I have found more photos of St. Ann's Catholic Church.

Some of them have come to me from the Rustad family.  I was also able to scan some of Margaret Gooselaw Cleem's photos when Kristine and Beth visited not long ago.  Then recently I received a wonderful gift in the mail from my Aunt Lena's estate, that her sister-in-law (from her second marriage) put together for me, of many photos of Aunt Lena, Uncle John, and the girls, plus some from around St. Vincent itself.  My Aunt Lena was very devout, so there are many photos from St. Anne's. 

A St. Ann's First Communion, date
unknown - Short's Cafe in background
[Margaret Gooselaw Cleem Photo Collection]
First Communion at St. Ann's - 1963
[Courtesy Rustad Family Photo Collection]
Father O'Mera with First Holy Communion class, circa 1930s.
[Lena Paul Fitzpatrick Nordstrom Photo Collection]
Father O'Mera, standing by the front door of St. Ann's.
He married my Uncle John and Aunt Lena in November 1932.

[Lena Paul Fitzpatrick Nordstrom Photo Collection]