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PROFILE: Dr. Alexander B. Campbell

Dr. Campbell was a versatile man, with credentials as a Dentist as 
well as a Physician, from the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati
[Source:  Google Books]
Alexander B. Campbell, Surgeon was a local physician living in St. Vincent from approximately 1880 onward.  In today's terminology, he was practicing alternative, or complimentary medicine.1 Such practices were taken quite seriously in this era, and often worked in conjunction with more mainstream physicians such as Dr. Harris, who practiced out of Pembina during the same time period.

Directory of Deceased American Physicians 1804-1929
[Source:  Google Books] 
1880 Census showing the Campbell family living in St. Vincent
[Source:  U.S. Census]

1912 St. Vincent Township Plat Map showing James Campbell farm
(formerly Alexander Campbell's Westwood Farm) as well as James'
brother-in-law James Scott's farm (Oakdale Farm) just north of his.

By the time that Westwood Farm existed,  he was likely retired from practice.  By the 1920 census, he was 78, and his son James was living with him and Mary, and having had taken the farm over some years before.

Letter written by Dr. A.B.Campbell  
[Source:  Rustad Family Collection]

Dr. Campbell and his wife Mary had five children, 2 boys and 3 girls. Their son James and his wife Gunda (Rustad) remained in the area as well as their daughter Sarah and her husband James Scott.  James and Sarah lived on Oakdale farm.  All of them are buried in the St. Vincent Cemetery in the same area...

Grave stone of Dr. Campbell in St. Vincent Cemetery
[Source:  Billion Graves]

1 - The type of practice Dr. Campbell had was known as a branch of medicine called "eclectic practice" - see the Historical Sketch of the Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati.