Monday, November 28, 2005

Mr. Deacon's Legacy

According to oral history taken from Richard Lapp in the 1960's - an early 'town father' (along with my own grandfather, Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick...) - St. Vincent's boom may have bust thanks to one man...
St. Vincent was a booming town then with a population of about five hundred. It almost died...because of a man named Deacon.

At one time the Great Northern Railway wrote a letter to the Mayor of St. Vincent, William Deacon, telling him that they would move all the buildings in the town 2 miles east and make the border port there instead of having it in Noyes. Deacon wrote back and said that he couldn't find anyone who was interested in moving without asking a soul. Because it no longer had the railroad it all but died out.

Today St. Vincent is just a small village with a mere population of 150 and has only one store, one gas station, and a post office. It seems a shame that a town that could have grown quite extensively like St. Vincent was destroyed to almost a ghost town because of the decision of one man.