Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kittson County Enterprise - Special Edition (1935)

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In 1935, the Kittson County Enterprise published a special anniversary edition of the newspaper. It celebrated the growth in the area's towns that the paper had been witness to in that time frame.

The edition was chock full of photographs of early pioneers and towns, sketches of the oldest settlement St. Vincent and it's neighbor Pembina as they were known to early inhabitants, and articles outlining village histories and county events. Throughout the paper were stories about the amazing people who created our towns and farms we came to know and love.

My mother had a copy of this paper I used to look at with amazement, but ignorance, when a young girl; the copy, unfortunately, has been lost in recent years. However, I was able to track down a copy at the Northwest Minnesota History Center at Minnesota State University in Moorhead recently. I took a vacation day this week just to spend it in the center to conduct research for this website...not to mention I enjoy research of this nature immensely.

But back to the subject at hand. This is an excerpt from an article about St. Vincent itself, which I found quite amusing, for reasons I shall explain below...
"...St. Vincent today is a village rich in tradition and historic incidents. While little attempt has been made to probe for details of the rugged history of the community, it is probable that within the next ten years interest in local history will result in an ambitious effort to assemble and preserve major facts of the record of the region from distant exploration to the present..."
Mmmmm....where have I heard that concept before...Mmmmm...