Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Town Play

This image was found during a Gamble family reunion that took place in Hallock and St. Vincent in 2002. As outlined in this article about the reunion, it was found at Christ Church in St. Vincent during the reunion while family members were on a tour of past family homes and other meaningful places in St. Vincent. A cousin took a digital photo of the original photograph, and that's what we see here...

It captures a moment in early St. Vincent history,the cast of a local play. We don't know the play performed, nor the context. We can only speculate at this point. Perhaps it was a community hall play, or maybe even a high school production.

Here are the cast members we know, from handwriting left on the print itself:

Back Row: William Ahles (3), Harry Davis (4) and Rube Smith (7)
Front Row: Montague Clinton (1), William Gamble (2), Samuel Gamble (3), William Gamble (5 - is this ANOTHER William Gamble, or...?), Chris Theodorf (6)

Out of the 16 cast members, we only know half of their names, and of those 8, we're not sure if we have the positions right since the writing is not consistent. Anyone that can help us name individuals, or make corrections on placement, please leave a comment here, or contact me directly...