Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gamble Letter #15

An early Pembina July 4th parade...
St. Vincent
July 9, 1883

My dear Maggie we received your kind and welcome letter and we were sorry to hear that Grandma was not better this is the dryest summer we have had since we came here there is a bad prospect of any crops this year ma has been sick all this summer ma thought she would go to see yous this summer but she is to sick to go We had a good time on the fourth of July, there were all kind of races and dancing and the band was from Winnipeg and there was fireworks at night there was a procession in the morning there was a bad accident here on Thursday night a man got run over by the train they say he fell asleep on the track and the engine passed over him before they could stop it his name was James Woods he was just up from Ontario and was taking up land we go to sunday school every sunday now you asked me how Mr. Cowan lost his stock they all died I do not think they take very good care of their stock. The station and Custom house is going to be built quite near us they are going to be large buildings. There has been a good many sudden deaths here but you do not know the people.

There is to be a large circus in Emerson on the 20th of July, it is one dollar to get in. We be very busy now time are rather dull here just now there is a great many travling around out of employment. Alick is still at the pump. We all hope that Grandma will get better write soon for we all think the time long when we do not hear from you. I think I must finish now we all send our kind love to yous all

Ellen Gamble