Friday, May 05, 2006

Gamble Letter #16

In another recent post on this same story, I admitted I couldn't remember where I had read about it in the first place. Chalk it up to advancing senility, dear readers. I read about it in none other than the Gamble Letters!

Yes, I remembered when I was once again skimming through them today, and realizing that the NEXT letter (below), was where I had read it some weeks ago.

Without further ado, here is the second-hand account of the crooked Postmaster of St. Vincent...

St. Vincent
August the 8th, 1883

Dear father & Mother I now sit down to write a few lines to yous hoping these will find yous Well My family is all well but myself I am better today than I have been for three months back last week I took Nuralga* in my face and it all sweld up like a loaf When it is windy my teeth starts to ache I had good health til Now but that is enugh about Myself I hope My Mother is some better We would have wrote Sooner but they are all so busey now with the hay and the wether is very Showery there is all apearance of a good crop this year it was very dry all sumer and warm there has been great robbery in the post office here this last while regestered letters would be opened and the money taken out there come detecteves from the government and they went to Winnipeg and sent decoy letters to St. Vincent with money in them and marked the bills and then came themselves and got drinking with the post master and he pulled out there own money to treat them and they took him prisnor right there every one says he will get ten yers at least [2 pages missing]

Mary Ann Gamble

* - Nuralga, or Neuralgia: In old medical terminology of the period, it described discomfort, such as "Headache" was neuralgia in head