Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Cowan Family

A descendent of the Cowan family, who lived in the St. Vincent area during its early years, recently contacted me with what they knew of their family. So far, I haven't found much beyond what they already know. If anyone reading this knows more, please let me know...
Names: Capt. Mathew Cowan, born Brock Ontario, Canada, buried St Vincent October 23, 1907
Mary Caroline Cowan nee Gibbs, born Brock Ontario, Canada, born April 10, 1836. died April 6, 1901, buried St. Vincent

Immigrated in 1870 from Brock or Cannington, Ontario, Canada to St. Vincent.
They settled on a quarter section of land now owned by Lloyd Symington just north of the Seed farm.

They had the following childern: (most are buried in St. Vincent Cemetery)

1. John Charles Cowan
2. Robert Thomas Cowan
3. Willam Gibbs Cowan
4. George Richard Cowan
5. Elizabeth Ann Cowan
6. Ellen Nellie Cowan
7. James Francis Nicholas Cowan
8. Frederick Nicholas Cowan
9. Arthur Glover Cowan
10. Margaret Caroline Cowan

"My grandfather was Arthur Glover Cowan and I was wondering if he or my great grandparents were American citizens. I really don't know where my grandfather was born, all I know his he was born October 30,1878 and died in Winnipeg Man. November 4, 1953."