Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gamble Letter #30

When I was growing up in St. Vincent, we had a lot more things to do - radio, TV, faster transportation to get from town to town and even to larger cities for shopping and other entertainments - so living in a small town wasn't so isolating. However, when the Gambles lived in St. Vincent, the younger members of the family especially felt cut off from life during the deep winter months. In this letter, you can read between the lines and tell that Alice is greatly looking forward to spring, and to a future of possibilities...
St. Vincent Minn
Feb. 24, 1894

Dear Auntie:

I received your letter a long time ago and as I had forgotten it you must excuse me this time. Jennie's address is Mrs. John H. Griffith, Jr. just as it was in the paper. Lizzie has a dear little baby girl, she was born the 22nd of Jan., she is a sweet little thing, and hardly ever cries. We are all quite proud of her, you may be sure. I only attended school one month this winter Sammie has attended quite regular and is getting on nicely Ellen is going to teach again in a week. Her term is for five months It has been a beautiful winter so far, the warmest they say it has been for many years, it is so warm now we expect spring anytime.

The winter has been very dull, no amusement of any kind except a dance now and then. But I seldom go to any of them. We find it very lonely now since Jennie, Lizzie, and Aleck are married, and especially when Ellen is away for so long I expect I must stop writing as it is late. You must excuse this letter for I am not accustomed to writing letters. But I will try and do my best next time. Write soon and I will answer directly.

From your loving niece,
Alice Gamble

I believe I forgot to say that we are all well, and hope this will find grandpa and you well too. Alice