Sunday, February 22, 2009

Profile: The Moore Sisters

I hestitated in posting this profile because of the negativity you'll read below. However, life is not all roses, and I value truth in history rather than convenience. I will protect the identify of the individual quoted, but please be assured that their comments come from first-hand experience, and not hearsay. Speaking as a person who suffered from actions of a cruel teacher myself (another story for another time), I can testify to their long-lasting effects, never forgotten to this day...

A former student of Miss Moore shared with me:

I had Eliza Moore. She had white hair in a bun. Was always crabby and looked like a wicked old witch. Which she was. She humiliated her students to tears every day. She was a cruel teacher. And in my opinion, should never have been a teacher.
Harsh and damning words...What else do we know about Miss (Eliza) Moore?

From the historical essays comes this information:
Moore, Eliza
B: 01 Jan 1882
D: 13 Dec 1971

Eliza and her sister, Mary (both spinsters), lived in St. Vincent, MN for many years. They both taught school in the area. Mary became the housekeeper for Eliza in the later years. Both ladies were involved in their church in a very vital way.

Eliza made a special record for herself in having the distinction of having taught in the public schools for 54 years without ever having a substitute teacher.

She began her teaching career at age 15 with a teacher's certificate earned by writing the teacher's examination. Later she completed the necessary courses and was graduated from Moorhead Teachers College.

She taught in Minnesota for 53 years, seventeen of them were in what was called District 352. She taught 10 years at Joe River and 7 in St. Vincent. She also taught upper grades in Northcote and, in addition, she taught one term in the Dominion of Canada.
I have a feeling some of her students would not have minded her missing some days of school!