Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gamble Letter #36

Sad news comes in this letter. The patriarch of the Gamble clan has died...

St. Vincent, Minn.
August 31, 1895

Dear Maggie:

We received your letter yesterday and were sorry for your trouble. We were all glad to think that Grandfather is out of pain.

You must not take it too hard for it is a matter of time with us all. In regard to your looking for work you have no need to do that. You can come and make your home here, and be the same as one of us.

We are very busy now stacking the grain, but when we threash we will send you some money. If you could get anything in reason for the property you ought to sell it.

You ought not sell Grandfather's loom, but always keep it.

Only it was such a busy time just in the middle of harvest I would have gone down and seen my father before he died.

You have no tie to keep you there now, so I think you would be better among your own than with strangers.

I am very thankful to those who helped and were so kind to My father and you, in your last trouble. Please excuse this short letter. I will write a longer one next time. We all join in sending our love to you.

Write soon yours as ever,

Mary Ann Gamble