Tuesday, January 02, 2007

St. Vincent Panoramic Photograph

I'm not sure what year this is. This is another image Chuck Walker shared with me that was so large I had it scanned by a professional company here in Fargo so I could post it here online. I'm guessing it was taken in 1890's, but it could be earlier. The image was taken from the depot loading dock, which you can see a bit of in the farthest right-hand corner (and no, I did NOT write on the photo - someone else did!) According to old-timers like John Turner who Chuck talked to years ago, the layout includes, from left to right:

1. Reid Hall
2. Jack Fry
3. Grandma Lapp's store (A)
4. Dick Lapp's store and house in rear
5. & 6. John Smith's saloon and residence
7. Theodorf's Hotel (B)
8. Le Masurier's store
9. Ryan's Hotel and barn
10. Catholic Chuch
11. Green's store (C)
12. Forrester Hall / Billy Smith's blacksmith shop
13. Ed Kruse / Theodore

If anyone has any further information, correction/additions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW - I'd love to know more about this picture and what it means, and what else may be known about these people and places of business, etc.