Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chuck Walker Legacy

Charles Walker - aka Chuck Walker - of Pembina, ND, is an extraordinary man, from an extraordinary family. His grandfather was Charles Boarman Harris, one of Pembina and St. Vincent's prominent pioneers and residents. Chuck has been no slouch himself. In WWII, he was an officer in the Pacific Theater. He wrote a book about his experiences, but it wasn't his first book.*

I recently touched base with Hettie Walker, Chuck's wife. Hettie knew my mother, and I knew of Hettie through my Mom. I knew Hettie as a person who deeply cared about her adopted town, and knew her husband was a man who equally felt the same.

This week, Chuck took the time to look through his photo collection and identify images of Pembina and St. Vincent during their early years. He then went the extra step of going out-of-town to have them professionally copied, and mailed them to me yesterday. Talk about generousity! (Thank you SO much, Chuck...) I received them today, and the image accompanying this post is one of them. I will be posting more in the days ahead, as time allows.

* Chuck told me that he has written two books about the history of Pembina. I will be following up on that!