Wednesday, May 16, 2007


From Margaret (Matthew) Patzer come this memory:
My husband and I were at St. Vincent for some activities [around 1941...] We had our two babies then, close together. He was carrying them in each arm and Mrs. Fitzpatrick asked him if they were twins. When he said no, she replied, "They might as well have been!"
That definitely sounds like the Grandma I knew!

Margaret went on to share...
"...My dad came into the states when he was 9 years old coming from Prince Edward Island son of Alfred Matthew and Louisa Croaker and grandson of William John Matthew. They were one of the islanders who emigrated to the Humboldt area, bought land cheap and began farming. Dad took his high school education in Pembina rooming at the home of some dentist. He married Florence Isabel Hare who went to Moorhead teacher's college directly from grade 8 in Humboldt. She became a teacher. They had four children Everett M., Margaret M(me) and nine years later had twins. Kathryn Ann Matthew Hallberg who lives in Hallock, MN and raised 5 daughters; Kenneth G had two sons and he lives in Covina, CA. Everett who had four children(one died) is deceased. I married a Canadian, Charles R Patzer and reside in Whitewater, WI. After I raised three children I decided to attend University so I now have a B.S, MSEd, Supervisory, Administration B and Administration A. I taught for several years in our high school and then had to quit it all and care for my husband who developed Parkinson's disease. I had two sons and a daughter. My Sylvia passed away one year ago from Crohn's disease."
Margaret and I are related through the Clow side of the family. Her parents are buried in the St. Vincent Cemetery.


My thanks goes to Mike Rustad, who once again has been an invaluable contact source for those connected with our area, for putting me in touch with Margaret...