Thursday, May 03, 2007

St. Vincent Grows Smaller...

Photo by Bob Bockwitz
[Photo on left by Bob Bockwitz]

From William Ash:

Thought it might interest you since you are writing about history of St. Vincent, MN that as of yesterday (May 2, 2007) the St. Vincent grain elevator at the junction of Highway 75 has been demolished and leveled. The lumberyard was demolished a week or so ago along with the office building attached to the elevator and yesterday Ralph Twamley of Twamley Construction with the aid of a backhoe, cables and a bulldozer managed to pull over and topple the grain elevator into a heap.

The grain elevator was sold several years ago as it was obsolete since [it] couldn't compete in today's marketplace with unit train loading facilities and a new huge state of the art grain terminal with a huge unit train facilities was built in Argyle, MN in the past year by a partnership which included the former owners of the St. Vincent, MN elevator. The St. Vincent, MN elevator could not compete...which led to its demise.