Thursday, December 20, 2007

St. Vincent Brewery

We have seen him before in the history of St. Vincent.

From Land of Amber Waters:
St. Vincent (Kittson County)
Raywood & Company (Raywood & Lennon) (1879-1880?)
Location: Fourth Street and Atlantic Avenue

Raywood and Lennon (spelled Lemon in Salem's List) began work on their brewery along the Red River in July 1879. According to the Pembina Pioneer, in 13 days they had the brewery building completed and the first batch of ale underway. The staff of four men was headed by George Raywood, a 38-year-old English native who had previously been a brewer in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

After two brief mentions in the Pioneer, the brewery largely disappears from the records. It is listed in the Polk 1880 Gazetteer, but the Pioneer ceased publishing in 1880 and no information about the end of the brewery is known.