Tuesday, January 01, 2008

CPR Empress: A Grand Old Lady

The Empress near Noyes, Minnesota; Photo by William Ash
I didn't know about this until today, but just this past fall, a legendary steam engine passed through our area on a very special passenger train trip...

William G. Ash wrote to say, "... I went down to Minneapolis, MN in early Sept. 2007 and rode behind the Canadian Pacific Railroad steam locomotive on 2 seperate trips on 2 days. The first round trip was a round trip from Minneapolis to Glenwood, MN on the Canadian Pacific Railroad mainline which is the old Soo Line Railroad and return that evening. The following day we went from Minneapolis, MN to Dresser, WI and return across the St. Croix River." The photo above was taken by Bill, who described it, "Here is a photo of the Canadian Pacific Railroad locomotive #2816 that came thru Noyes, MN in August, 2007 heading for Minneapolis and Chicago. This photo was taken a few miles south of Noyes, MN behind my parents farm on the old Soo Line Railroad." (Thanks for correcting me on the photo, Bill, and for the additional information!)

Bill also caught a fleeting glimpse of a Hiawatha 'Sky Top' observation car; to be able to ride on this trip, and view the countryside from this car, would have been amazing!

Another rail fan caught the engine as it passed through Manitoba...