Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News from the Past: Chickens Gone Wild

From the May 23, 1890 issue of the St. Vincent New Era:
Dr. Campbell has a heavy acount to answer for, and the husbands in St. Vincent has it in for him.

Two years ago, with his characteristic breezy enthusiasm, the Dr. started a poultry boom in this vicinity, and took a lot of prizes at the Fall show. Last year the fad travelled from Scotston farm to the east side of St. Vincent, Mrs. H.W. Grasse becoming a victim, raised several hundred chickens and took a lot of prizes.

This spring, the epidemic is raging in uncontrollable fury at the West end, and a citizen only need to look up to see a lady in one direction or another persuading, with a broom, some reluctant hen to take her nest, whilst the falsehoods their husbands are expected to disseminate would stagger a hardened horse trader. Mrs. Jensen this date is a little ahead on the chicken count with a record in the neighborhood of 70, so Mr. Jensen says.