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First State Legislature: Joseph Rolette, Jr.

Joseph Rolette, Circa 1841
He was of French ancestry.

During his service in the Territorial Council of 1857 a bill passed that would move the capitol of Minnesota from St. Paul to St. Peter. Joe Rolette, the chair of the Enrolled Bills Committee at the time, took the bill after it had passed both bodies and went into hiding with it. His efforts prevented the change from occurring.

He died in Pembina, Dakota Territory.

Date of Birth: 10/23/1820
Date of Death (if known or applicable): 05/16/1871
Birth Place: Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin
Birth County: Birth Country: United States
Other Names: Joe
Gender: Male Religion:
City of Residence (when first elected): Saint Vincent
Occupation (when first elected): Fur Trader, American Fur Company

New York Schools; At Least Elementary School

Territorial Democratic Constitutional Convention 7th Council District, Minnesota Territory Elected 07/13/1857 to 08/29/1857
Legislative Session: 1st (1857-1859)
Body: Senate Elected: 10/13/1857 Term of Office: 12/2/1857 to 12/6/1859
District: 22 Residence: Saint Vincent
Counties Represented: Cass, Pembina (defunct), Todd
Occupation: Fur Trader, American Fur Company
Party: Democratic
Committees: Enrollment, Harbors, Towns and Counties (Chair)
Session Notes: He was sworn in on December 7, 1857 and subscribed to the oath of office on December 8, 1857. An 1858-59 session was not held due to the protracted session of 1857-58. (Minnesota Legislative Manual, 1872, p. 66) Thus, even though the first session was adjourned on August 12, 1858; the term end date for it is listed as the day before the second legislative session's start date.

[From the First Minnesota Legislature Collection]