Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gamble Letters Come Home

Oh my word, faithful readers! Has it ever been an exciting past few days!

Alice - one of the descendents of the Gamble family whose precious letters found their way here so all of us could read and learn from them - arrived some days ago in our area, and has been making the rounds visiting the people and places of her ancestors.

What is even MORE exciting however, is that the ORIGINAL letters themselves found their way into the hands of Lori, Donna, and Alice! Yes, the caretaker of those letters for some time now, Warren Griffith, met Lori in Pembina and handed them over. It was discussed by the cousins what to do next with them.

Here's the email history:
Dear Trish:

Here I am in Minnesota and, having met Lori Bianco and her mother, Donna, I have been elected to tell you the fantastic news (since I have a computer with me):

On the way to Hallock to meet with me, they stopped in Pembina, as Warren Griffith wanted to give them the Mary Ann letters! So, Lori and Donna now have the letters! I've seen them!

If you could get back to us soon, they would like to know what best to do with them to make sure they are preserved. They were going to take them tomorrow to the museum at Lake Bronson, but wanted to check with you first.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give us! Still hope to see you on Friday - I will call you when I get to Fargo in the afternoon.
I responded...
Amazing news!!

I'm very sure that Cindy at the museum will know how to best care and preserve them. I would suggest that they be scanned and digitized and submitted to Reflections Minnesota to be part of that online archive, for sure. If there is any chance that someone could get me some scans someday of the originals, email them to me, I'd love to see the actual handwriting!!

Yes, please call me - how exciting!

Today I got this email from Cindy...
Hi Trish,
The letters have just arrived! Thank you so much for recommending that these historically valuable letters come to the museum. They are fragile, so before I scan them, I want to encapsulate them to prevent any more deterioration. Once I have done that, I will scan them & email them to you. This is a really exciting addition to our collection. Thanks, again!

Cindy Adams
I was thrilled to help, and told her so...
I'm tickled pink, Cindy. Smiling like a fool. :) So glad they finally made it there. It took some letter writing and talking it through with relatives and others concerned, but they made it. Thanks so much in advance to sharing them with me. It'll be amazing to see the actual handwriting!