Sunday, August 03, 2008

MN @ 150: Pembina Trail Update III

Pum the ox
I have discovered a blog that shows great updates of Orlin Ostby's trip.

I'm telling you, I think that Pum is more popular than Orlin. And why not - what a handsome fellow he is! Steven Reynolds writes:
In 2003, Orlin purchased a team of young Holstein steers, broken to drive, from a 10-year-old New Hampshire 4-Her named Thomas Philbrick, who had begun training “Pum” and “Kin” as a team as young as eight days old...Over the past five years, Pum and Kin grew in size and experience, becoming celebrities in community events and parades across northwest Minnesota and the Red River Valley region. Pum, chosen for the Pembina walk because of his sweet disposition and cool head, weighs 2360 pounds and is six feet tall at the shoulder. He can easily pull the two-wheel, early-1900s Ontario cart Orlin has modified for the trip...