Sunday, February 08, 2009

Smalltown Baseball in the Deadball Era

St. Vincent vs. Oslo (at Oslo) - photo provided from Maurice Godon collection

St. Vincent baseball team (on right), from left to right are:
Scott Mathews
Gertz Rondeau
Dick Cleem
Lewis Gooselaw
Naz Gooselaw
Eppo Gooselaw
Wilfe Bouleau (sp?)
Art Clinton
Billy Maxwell
Harve Cleem
Lester Turner
Jack Turner (Coach) - "He was the manager of the St.Vincent baseball team. His team played teams from within a 100 mile radius, even up into Canada. His team was undefeated in the twelve years he managed this team. Their toughest opponent was Oslo, Minnesota." - From historical essay John Turner, Pioneer Farmer And Mail Carrier by Owen Symington (1975)
I plan to nominate Eli Gooselaw for the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame. The only problem I can see is having complete accurate information on his career. I will continue to look for it myself, but if anyone reading this either knows specifically about Eli's career, or where to look for such information, please leave a comment here on this post (and many thanks in advance!)