Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood of 2009

temporary high-tech dikes used in Fargo during 2009How can I not comment on the Flood of 2009?

Many of you reading this are still facing it as a semi-future event. For those of us in the Fargo area, it is very much a NOW event. We are already at all-time (for recorded history) levels. I am on a second floor apartment, have a lot of food and water stocked up, and am going nowhere. Traffic on many roads is at a gridlock in Fargo/Moorhead area so no point in getting in a car to leave. And where would I go? No, I'm staying put for the long-haul, whether it's a few days, or longer.

I have also been following the flood as it develops in Grand Forks, Pembina1, and Winnipeg. All of them are facing serious threats also. Good luck to you all, we know how you feel!

Wish me luck...If you don't see posts for awhile, I might be busy!

1 - This is a private blog specifically about Pembina - A big shoutout and thank you to the Pembina blogger who is keeping us informed about what's happening up there!

NOTE: A good general website covering the flood in Manitoba can be found here...