Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flood: Tell Your Stories

I am passing on the message I received below from Minnesota Public Radio, because they want to hear from those in Pembina and Kittson counties back home, as you face this year's flood. I encourage any of your from that area that read this to contribute your experiences and observations...
First, thanks for allowing us to send questions to you during these days of the flood. Responses have helped Minnesota Public Radio News reporters in the field hone in on topics to cover.

Now we would like some help as the flood crest moves north. We are trying to find contacts in the Minnesota counties of Polk, Marshall and Kittson and the North Dakota counties of Grand Forks, Traill, Walsh and Pembina.

If you know of someone, please send us any contact information you might comfortable passing along. We'll take it from there. We hope this might aid the reporters in the Red River Valley as they continue to cover the flood.

Thanks again for all your help,

Michael Caputo
Analyst, Public Insight Journalism
American Public Media News
(651) 290-1081