Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old Ads

Photo taken during 2004 Gamble family reunion
 in St. Vincent, inside of Christ Church

Pembina Light & Power Co. - Serving Pembina, N.D., Bathgate, N.D., Neche, N.D., St. Vincent, Minn., Emerson, Man., and Gretna, Man.

Christopher Bros. Garage - Batteries, Electrical SUpplies, Repairing

Farmers' & Merchants' State Bank - Capital $18,000, Surplus $7,000 - "Hometown Bank for Hometown People"

Wm J. Mason - Rumley, Oil Pull ---- Accessories St. Vincent, Minn.

J.A. Munro - General Blacksmith, Engine installing

The above are transcriptions of ads that can be seen in the photograph at top. Click above image to enlarge full-screen, then look at the 'back' of the image; you'll note a large multi-business graphic advertisement display. These kinds of ad displays were common a century ago and before. They were often made for specific uses such as to surround a performance stage, the merchants being sponsors for the event.

Not much has changed, eh? One wonders if there might not have been such things in ancient Rome at their games. Knowing human nature, I wouldn't doubt it a bit...!