Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ghost Towns: Pelan

Ode to a town that exists now only in memory...
Mattson. Caribou. Sultan. Pelan.

What do all of these towns have in common? They are towns that no longer exist, or ghost towns, that were in Kittson County. Those of us who grew up in Kittson County know of others that are headed that way shortly, such as Northcote and Orleans (some would say they are already 'there'...)

That (sadly) said, I ran across this fascinating website today about Pelan, and wanted to share it with my readers. A quote on the site says:
Information on the life of Charles H. Pelan, at best, is very sketchy. From early accounts of the Two Rivers area it appears that Pelan, an Englishman of considerable wealth, found his way - first to Hallock and then the Two Rivers crossing about 1880.  ... Pelan began a cattle ranch "for pleasure and sport". A large amount of Pelan's patrimony - it has been said - was spent in the saloons between Winnipeg and Crookston ... Charles Pelan did not remain long in the Two Rivers area.