Friday, September 17, 2010

Old Pembina Photos - Part I of II

Recently, a friend to this blog sent me links to several of the images below, found on Digital Horizons, part of the online collection of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. I later visited the site myself and found even more. I was aware of the website, but as often happens with online collections, it's not static and changes, which is a good thing. More images are being discovered of our area all the time, and I want to share several of them with you here.

NOTE:  The first photo here shows a hotel readers of this blog should be very familiar with - at least those that have read the Chuck Walker books, Sheriff Charley Brown, and Bordertown - where it was featured in both books as well as its owner, Lucien Geroux...

Hotel built before 1882 as the Geroux House, name later changed to Winchester Hotel.
Photographer Unknown/ Ronald Olin North Dakota Postcard Collection.

A man riding on a cart pulled by two horses crosses a truss bridge at Pembina, N.D. Two men sit on the bridge's railing. A sign on the bridge warns of a $10 fine for riding or driving over the bridge faster than a walk. The Pembina House and Short's Satisfactory Store are visible on a street in the background. Taken:  1882.
Photographer Unknown/Pembina, ND Photograph Collection

The Elmer Elsworth Barry Blacksmith Shop of Pembina is seen here. It is a wooden building with a large door. Three young men stand in the doorway and the sign reads "E. E. Barry Blacksmith Shop." Taken in May 1916
Photographer Unknown/Pembina County Historical Society

View of the two storey courthouse, on the left, and the one storey County superintendent of schools office, on the right, in Pembina, N.D. before 1912. There are trees and a few buildings in the background, and a sidewalk and dirt road in the foreground. In 1897 the County seat of Pembina County was designated as the City of Pembina, therefore the first Pembina County courthouse was built in Pembina and it remained there until 1911, when it moved to Cavalier, N.D.
Photographer Unknown/Pembina County Historical Society

A man uses a long pole to propel a raft holding himself and a woman in Pembina, ND The water is very high, and has surrounded some trees. A man walks across a pedestrian bridge in the background.
Photographer unknown/Pembina ND Photograph collection

A man stands on the end of a bridge, the only dry land in the Pembina downtown area. Water is visible throughout the city streets. A large awning advertises a drug stor on the corner. 1882 Flood.
Photographer unknown/Pembina ND Photograph collection

A man stands with a large bullon what looks to be fairgrounds in Pembina, ND Tents and a steam engine are visible in the background.
Photographer unknown/Pembina ND Photograph collection

A Native American man sits in a Red River cart stopped in front of a brick building in Pembina. It appears that another Red River cart is parked in front of him. A man with a bicycle stands in the background.
Photographer unknown/Pembina ND Photograph collection