Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Spot Revisited

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I came across these images on an eBay auction the other day, for an item of local ephemera.  I love the air of innocence yet double-entendre and innuendo of the back cover graphic, not to mention the bit of history giving the name of a past owner (Larry Lang, who was born in Kittson County) of one of Pembina's businesses!

According to a historical essay, Larry started his business in St. Vincent, but later moved it to Pembina - it was the genesis of the Spot1 bar!
Lawrence worked on the farm for a while then decided to have his own business and opened up a beer parlour in St. Vincent which is now in Pembina - "The Spot".

1 - Doc Harris built the building that we now know as part of the "Spot Bar" in 1905 (oral history from Chuck Walker...)