Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Spot

The Spot in Pembina, ND (still in existence, as far as I know...), in its heyday (circa 1960's)

Places like The Spot, and Dick's Corner, were like another country for me as a kid. It wasn't just that I was a kid and couldn't get into them. There was also the matter of my being brought up in a church-going, born-again, evangelical-before-it-was-a-dirty-word family. Even if I was 21, I still wouldn't have dared explore that unknown territory. Except for one brief night in 1992 when a few of my old classmates gathered at The Spot - lights dim, music blaring - I never did explore them. Dick's Corner is still a land of mystery, and The Spot wasn't looking as good as the photo above, worse for the wear of 30 plus years. But then, so am I...