Saturday, December 10, 2005

Early Photographs

Click to see bigger From Minnesota Historical Society, this shows the border marker between Canada and USA. I often saw this marker as we would go over to Emerson to shop, go to the hospital, visit the veterinarian, go to my piano lessons, etc.
Photograph Collection
Location No. FM6.67 p1
Negative No. 24996
Title: Monument 833 near Emerson, Manitoba (looking west), Red River in background
Date: 5/24/1972
Medium: Photograph

Here are a few more of a new batch of photos I uploaded to my St. Vincent Memories FLICKR group today. You can access the full collection via the link on the sidebar to the right on this page...

Click to see biggerThis is a stereograph of Pembina & St. Vincent in the 1870's, taken by Flaten & Skrivseth, the "...official Photographers of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba R.R." (precursor to the Great Northern Railroad...) Pembina is seen in the background at the fork of the Pembina River, a tributary, and the Red River of the North. In the foreground is edge of what will be St. Vincent; there are a few brave souls there already, and the Northern Pacific railroad has already made itself known. Close to this area is where the first bridges were built later in the century. For now, people had to use private boats to cross - canoes and such - and later there was a ferry. My grandfather helped with the ferry, and was also the local drayman for a period of time...
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An early scene of barges on the Red River...